To create an opportunity for the rural people of Sri Lanka to achieve a life free from poverty, with dignity and purpose.



To build a human force to develop living standards of families by providing productive socioeconomic opportunities.

At a Glance

Give a man a fish, [and] he’ll eat for a day. Give a woman microcredit, [and] she, her husband, her children, and her extended family will eat for a lifetime.
Lead singer for the band U2 and humanitarian advocate

Microfinance is best described as a myriad of established financial services; incorporating and including loans, savings and insurance made available to middle and small entrepreneurs and business owners that lack collateral and have no means of obtaining conventional bank loans. Microfinance is therefore a growing entity in the country facilitating a lending framework for the poor and less privileged.

Prosperous Capital & Credit Limited (PCC) is one of the fastest evolving Microfinance institutions in Sri Lanka. PCC provides collateral free lending to those impacted by poverty with no means to empower themselves. Prosperous Capital & Credit Limited offers a framework for loans to accentuate the financial and entrepreneurial potential and proficiency among the impoverished, with an emphasis on lending to women entrepreneurs for income generating activities. While other Microfinance companies principally lend to non-income generating groups thus resulting in competitor non-performing loans increasing PCC steadfastly believe in availing an educational, pragmatic and systematic platform for customers so that their resourcefulness and relentless work ethic will garner productivity and a positive outcome.