Prosperous provides a variety of Islamic micro finance solutions for buying and selling, investment, partnerships, leasing, working capital and deferred delivery contracts.

  • Murabha – Buying and selling (the most popular and widely used financing technique)
  • Mudaraba – Investments
  • Ijaraha – Leasing Facility Diminishing Musharaka Partnership (Bank as a permanent partner with a diminishing share in equity).
  • Salam – Deferred delivery sale facility.
  • Wakalah – Working capital.

This financial system which operates according to Islamic law (referred to as Sharia) is Sharia-compliant. Similar to conventional financial systems, Islamic finance features banks, capital markets, fund managers, investment firms, and insurance companies.

These entities are however governed by both Islamic law and the regulations of the finance industry that apply to their conventional counterparts. Islamic economics is based on core concepts of balance, which help ensure that the motives and objectives driving the Islamic finance industry are beneficial to society as a whole. This has inspired promoting justice in all economic activities, accepting that all people have a mutual responsibility for others, and promulgates utilizing the earth’s resources wisely.