If we look back to PCC’s inception, the first brand was opened in August 2014 in Sooriyawewa, a rural town in the southern region of the island. This pioneering venture paved a benchmark in the industry, by focusing on enhancing a region that had previously not been offered any aid or been catered to by conventional financial institutions.

A community in a dry and arid region lacking basic essentials to empower and grow, bereft of any irrigation systems pivotal for sustaining key livelihood means such as agriculture or farming. These challenges proved to be a catalyst to propel PCC’s involvement in offering aid and support to help develop the Sooriyawewa community.

Thereafter, the functions and mechanisms of Prosperous Capital & Credit Limited were decentralized and disseminated with nine more branches established in a variety of regions in Sri Lanka.  

Today PCC functions as a fully-fledged Microfinance Company with an asset base of USD 2 million with awards of recognition to our name.

Empowering women has been a focal point that has helped defined our role in the Microfinance sector, a venture close to our hearts that has become part and parcel of our operational framework to date.

It was our prerogative from our genesis to recruit young women between the ages of 18-24 years to fill the capacities of Development Officers. This was a cognizant move on PCC’s part to elevate the industry by strategically ensuring our clientele remains protected, and are susceptible to new ideas and change through our unique framework of female empowerment. These steps have also opened more doors for more women to find the Company approachable and relatable, by offering wider accessibility to female entrepreneurs.

At Prosperous Capital & Credit Limited, we believe in assiduously doing things differently, striking a positive chord in the hearts and lives of the less fortunate. It is our imperative and incentive to ensue making a difference in people’s lives by enriching, enabling and empowering them while guaranteeing growth and social development to carve a better and brighter future.  

The following accolades and commendations are some of our greatest achievements recognized globally.