Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.

Simon Sinek


The beating pulse of any organization, the driving force and greatest asset is its people. What separates a great organization from a good one is a Company that never loses track of its vision, its values, never compromises standards or quality while retaining all the elements and traits that garners it individuality, uniqueness and credibility.

It is important that every person comprehends that they reflect the brand values and core sentiments of an organization. A Company derives its success from its impenetrable foundation to have a clear sense of direction, while having people who are passionate about their vocation to execute their duties with responsibility and accountability while bearing the penchant to always learn and continue to evolve.

There is a greater sense of representation of brand and culture, because the inherent values and traditions must be inculcated by every individual and that is how Prosperous Capital & Credit Limited has climbed the rungs of industry to emerge not merely as one of the fastest growing companies in the country but one where every stakeholder shares a unified vision to encompass the cultural values to facilitate a better service to its clientele.

Then it goes without saying that the corporate environment and culture in the Company has played an integral role in shaping a holistic operational framework to maximise human capital, investor potential while offering a diverse and tailored service to its customer base.

The brand identity of PCC is grasped by every employee and along this corporate journey they uphold the organization’s integrity by ensuring its corporate culture is unhindered and remains intact, holistically and unequivocally.

The Prosperous Team is a united front, one family sharing a common vision while paving milestones along the way with pioneering and revolutionary effort.  

Prosperous Capital & Credit Limited believes wholeheartedly in building skills, in enhancing knowledge through the Company and its processes. From in-house training to improving soft skills and developing technical knowledge, Prosperous stands apart in the finance solutions industry.

Thanks to the visionary leadership of the Company’s Management, all stakeholders involved and immersed in Microfinance were propelled to new and respectable heights. The Management was instrumental in enhancing the image of Microfinance professionals while also ascertaining that the industry as a whole was elevated.

The Prosperous Board comprises of people with unrivalled industry experience relevant to the finance stratosphere and blends an eclectic group of individuals who bring their skills and talents to the Company while possessing ample hands on knowledge having excelled in a myriad of industries.

Prosperous is a corporate hub that nestles, nurtures and proudly has within its ranks a truly diverse culture of people who cater to the needs and whims of a diverse clientele.

The unity and cohesion that ascertains every employee is on the right path, full of spirit, motivation and drive stems from the Company and its Management’s goal to empower and enrich the life of every employee.

From recreational activities, incentives, outings and functions to establish camaraderie among each other to creating a link in a chain where the experienced always offer their skills and know how to those that are new faces in the Company… Prosperous takes everyone under its protective wing and believes in availing every individual with opportunities to excel in their vocation.

Because deep at its core, Prosperous grasps that every employee is an asset and finally does reflect the Company’s values, mission and vision with every step they take.